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The Structural Bioinformatics group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center leads the RCSB Protein Data Bank project at UCSD. Our research and development activities are broadly centered around 3D structures of proteins and nucleic acids, and the integration of structural data with other domains such as Medicine, Genomics, Biology, and Drug Discovery.

We develop databases, web and mobile applications, and web services to query, retrieve, analyze, and visualize these data. We recently entered the field of Big Data with the growing number of 3D structures and are involved in a pilot project for the NIH BD2K Data Discovery Index (DDI).

We offer cutting edge research and software development opportunities for staff, students, postdocs, and visiting scholars on a number of projects. We also seek collaborators nationally and internationally to leverage 3D structural information.

PDB Team

People and Positions

Help define the future of the RCSB Protein Data Bank. As part of our agile team of scientists and software developers you will provide senior-level expertise and leadership in enhancing the RCSB PDB website and Web Services.

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PDB Introduction


With over 300,000 unique users per month from over 160 countries around the world, the RCSB PDB is one of the worldwide leading Biological Databases. The RCSB PDB's primary citation is in the top 100 of Nature's most-cited research of all time.

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What is RCSB PDB?

San Diego Supercomputer Center


The UCSD team is supported by SDSC - San Diego Supercomputer Center. As an Organized Research Unit of UC San Diego, SDSC is considered a leader in data-intensive computing and cyberinfrastructure, providing resources, services, and expertise to the national research community, including industry and academia.