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Expression Organism

Searches by the scientific name of the expression host organism. A histogram icon next to the search box links to a histogram that lists source organisms ordered by frequency.


  1. Search by name for E. coli

    Select "Contains" and type "Escherichia coli" in the text box. This search will match all expression organism that "contain" the word "Escherichia coli". This search returns structures expressed in Escherichia coli, Escherichia coli BL21, Escherichia coli K12, etc.

    Select "Equals" to find exact matches for "Escherichia coli" only.

  2. Select by expression organism from the expression organism histogram

    Click on the histogram icon (System in which Expressed). Mouse over the bars in the histograms to see the number of structures. The structures corresponding to the bar can be viewed by clicking on the icon to the right of the histogram.