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Macromolecule Type

Search based on whether the structure contains chains of certain molecule types (e.g. protein vs. DNA).

The polymers in PDB structures can be proteins, DNA, RNA, and DNA/RNA hybrids. A DNA/RNA hybrid chain is a single nucleic acid molecule that contains both DNA and RNA nucleotides. This search option queries the PDB according to these molecules types.

Select Yes, No, or Ignore from each of the four pull down menus.


  1. Protein: Yes

    DNA: No

    RNA: No

    DNA/RNA Hybrid: No

    This search returns all structures that contain only protein polymers and no nucleic acid polymers.

  2. Protein: Ignore

    DNA: Ignore

    RNA: Yes

    DNA/RNA Hybrid: Ignore

    This search contains all structures that contain an RNA polymer, regardless of what other polymer types the structures may or may not contain.