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Retrieve structures by PDB ID, the 4-character unique identifier of every entry in the Protein Data Bank.

A 4-character PDB ID is assigned to each new structure at the time of deposition. The IDs are automatically assigned and do not have meaning. However, they serve as the unique, immutable identifier of each entry in the Protein Data Bank. As such, they are used throughout the scientific literature (e.g. in journal articles and in other databases) to refer to entries in the Protein Data Bank.

Hence, if the PDB ID of an entry in the Protein Data Bank is known, it is the most direct way to retrieve it from the database. One or more PDB IDs can be typed or copied and pasted in the search box. Multiple IDs can be separated by commas or white space, including line breaks.


  1. Enter 4HHB into the text box next to "PDB ID(s)" and press "Submit Query". The Structure Summary page for 4HHB will load.
  2. Enter 2HHB, 3HHB, 4HHB into the text box and press "Submit Query". A Query Results Browser page with a brief summary of the three structures will load. From there, clicking a PDB ID, thumbnail image, or structure title will load the Structure Summary page for the respective ID.