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PubMed ID(s)

Search for structures by PubMed ID, the unique identifier of a citation in the NCBI PubMed database.

PubMed IDs are the unique identifiers of entries in Pubmed, a free database of journal citations and abstracts in fields related to medicine. PubMed is maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

A search of the PDB by PubMed IDs is a query for structures that have a primary citation with one of the specified PubMed IDs. The vast majority of entries in the PDB have a primary citation found in PubMed.

One or more PubMed IDs can be typed or copied and pasted in the search box. Multiple IDs can be separated by commas or white space, including line breaks.


  1. Enter 6644819 into the text box and press "Submit Query". The Structure Summary page for 1HHO will load. The PubMed ID can be found in the "Primary Citation" box on the Structure Summary page.
  2. Enter 6726807, 6644819 into the text box and press "Submit Query". A Query Results Browser page will load with brief summaries of four structures whose primary citation has one of the PubMed IDs.