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Gene View

Gene Structure and Mapping to PDB Entries for Human Genes

The Gene View illustrates the correspondences between the human genome and 3D structure. All human genes have been mapped to representative PDB protein chains (chosen from sequence clusters at 40% sequence identity) to show which regions of a gene are available in PDB coordinates.

This feature requires an up-to-date web browser.

Gene View : Gene Structure and Mapping to PDB Entries for Human Genes

Gene View for gene HBA1 : Hemoglobin alpha protein representative chains 2W72.A and 1C7C.A (blue) mapped to exons of HBA1 gene (orange)

The graphical view is built on top of the BioDalliance genome browser. Users can use the mouse to move through the region around a human gene as shown in the Gene View.

Gene View displays information in several horizontal rows called tracks, which can be reordered by dragging the title box. The view can be zoomed in or out.

Gene View can be launched from a Structure Summary page for a human protein under "Molecular Description":

2W72 Structure Summary

Molecular description section from the 2W72 Structure Summary page with links to Gene View for genes HBA1 and HBA2

The Gene View is also accessible from the top bar search box by selecting a matched gene symbol from the autocomplete suggestions:

Gene View in Search Bar

Link to Gene View for gene HBA1 using the autocomplete search suggestions (Note: Protein Feature View is also accessible using the gene symbol: see next section).