The Jmol 3D View option from the RCSB PDB structure summary page utilizes Jsmol (the JavaScript version of Jmol, an open-source Java viewer for 3D chemical structures) for display and analysis. Options are available to render structures in different styles and colors.


Basic Commands
Rotate Around X, Y Left Click and Drag
Move along X, Y (= translate) Shift + Left Double-Click and Drag Middle Double-Click and Drag Ctrl + Right Click and Drag * Works both when clicking on the molecule or away from it.
Reset and Center Shift + Left Double-Click Middle Double-Click * Only works if double-click is done away from the molecule.
Rotate Around Z Shift + Left Click and Drag Horizontally Middle Click and Drag Horizontally Shift + Right Click and Drag Horizontally (possibly fails on OS X)
Zoom In / Out Shift + Left Click and Drag Vertically Middle Click and Drag Vertically Use Mouse Wheel

Jsmol Menu

To open the Jsmol menu, you should right click on the molecule view.

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Last updated: 2/1/2021