Core histone macro-H2A.1

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UniProtKB description:  Variant histone H2A which replaces conventional H2A in a subset of nucleosomes where it represses transcription (PubMed:12718888, PubMed:15621527, PubMed:16428466). Nucleosomes wrap and compact DNA into chromatin, limiting DNA accessibility to the cellular machineries which require DNA as a template (PubMed:15897469). Histones thereby play a central role in transcription regulation, DNA repair, DNA replication and chromosomal stability (PubMed:15897469). DNA accessibility is regulated via a complex set of post-translational modifications of histones, also called histone code, and nucleosome remodeling. Involved in stable X chromosome inactivation (PubMed:15897469). Inhibits the binding of transcription factors, including NF-kappa-B, and interferes with the activity of remodeling SWI/SNF complexes (PubMed:12718888, PubMed:16428466). Inhibits histone acetylation by EP300 and recruits class I HDACs, which induces a hypoacetylated state of chromatin (PubMed:16107708, PubMed:16428466).
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