Solute carrier family 53 member 1

UniProtKB accession:  Q9UBH6
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UniProtKB description:  Inorganic ion transporter that mediates phosphate ion export across plasma membrane. Plays a major role in phosphate homeostasis, preventing intracellular phosphate accumulation and possible calcium phosphate precipitation, ultimately preserving calcium signaling. The molecular mechanism of phosphate transport, whether electrogenic, electroneutral or coupled to other ions, remains to be elucidated (By similarity) (PubMed:23791524, PubMed:25938945, PubMed:31043717). Binds inositol hexakisphosphate (Ins6P) and similar inositol polyphosphates, such as 5-diphospho-inositol pentakisphosphate (5-InsP7), important intracellular signaling molecules involved in regulation of phosphate flux (PubMed:27080106).
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