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Biosync ( is the structural biologist's online guide to high energy data collection facilities.  As data collected from synchrotron beamlines currently account for more than 80% of all X-ray crystallographic entries deposited to the PDB, the BioSync resource has been recently upgraded with a new layout and features.  BioSync provides detailed information about the state-of-the-art in macromolecular synchrotron facilities, and compiles statistics about the information collected at the beamlines.

To explore BioSync, select one of the options from the top menu bar:

* Information about each synchrotron is organized by location (Americas, Europe, and Asia/Oceania).  Data sheets for operational macromolecular beamlines at synchrotrons worldwide describe available services and functions (new additions include remote data collection; mail-in, crystallization and structure solution services; robotics handling for crystal screening and mounting; microfocus beams and facilities for collecting data under extreme conditions).  Users can also search for specific capabilities, services and equipment across beamlines. Beamline information is uploaded by synchrotron personnel.

* Deposition Statistics are grouped by synchrotron and by geographical region. Site statistics are broken down to the beamline level; new graphs compare beamlines within a site. Galleries of structures and tables containing citations and other general information (e.g. phasing methods, wavelength used for data collection, resolution, R-factors, numbers of atoms) are also available. A separate set of statistical tables, galleries and informational tables is provided for structures produced by structural genomics efforts.

* Simple and Advanced Search options are available.  Simple searches look for synchrotrons by name or location; a new feature can return a breakdown of structure counts per country for a site or a single beamline.  The Advanced Search option can be used to look for more detailed beamline features and services.

The redesign and upgrade of BioSync was funded by NIGMS.  Questions? Email

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