Announcement: Meeting on Hybrid Methods


Meeting Flyer
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Meeting Flyer
Dynein cargo trasnport by Graham Johnson
Dynein cargo transport by Graham Johnson

The 6th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Supramolecular Assemblies by Hybrid Methods will be held March 14-18, 2012 in Lake Tahoe, CA.

The overall goal is to illustrate the power of combining state of the art methods to tackle important and challenging biological problems and to identify limitations and gaps in currently practiced hybrid methods. The central premise is that gaining a comprehensive understanding of the highly sophisticated complexes, machines, and organelles of the cell requires the coordinated application of complementary biophysical approaches (hybrid methods).

An outstanding panel of speakers has been assembled, including keynote presentations by Wesley I. Sundquist (University of Utah) and Susan Taylor (UC San Diego) and a "vision" talk by Michael Rossmann (Purdue University).

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