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Submitting a structure for Foldit use.

Foldit is an online game that attempts to predict the structure of a protein by taking advantage of humans' puzzle-solving intuitions and having people play competitively to fold the best proteins.  Gamers use the Foldit interface to build protein models based upon the amino acid sequence.

ADIT depositors can submit their sequences to serve as puzzle challenges for the Foldit community.  When submitting an entry to the PDB, select the following options in the Release Status category:

  •  Release status for coordinates: Hold for 8 weeks
  •  Prerelease status for sequence information: Release Now
  •  CASP/CASD/other method development target: Foldit

The deposition will appear as a Foldit Target in the Unreleased Structures search. Foldit will use the prereleased sequence as a puzzle, and gamers will be able to compare their predicted models to the experimental data when it is released 8 weeks later.

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