Spring Newsletter Published


Cover of the Spring 2012 Newsletter.

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Cover of the Spring 2012 Newsletter.

The spring 2012 issue (HTML | PDF) has been published.

The cover feature looks at a special animation that highlights the replisome.

Deposition articles describe how to volunteer structures for study by Foldit gamers, how to deposit structures with ligands, 2011 deposition statistics, and the Electron Microscopy Validation Task Force meeting report.

Features relating to "data out" introduce readers to the New Structures Widget, Ligand Summary Pages, how to browse the PDB by GO Terms, EC Number, Source Organism, and more, and using Protein Workshop to visualize molecular surfaces.

The Outreach and Education section describes the RCSB PDB's activities at the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering, PDB-101 resources, protein modeling at the Science Olympiad, updated RCSB PDB training materials, and more.

The Education Corner, by Hazel M. Holden and Dan Toomey, describes their program with middle school students called Project CRYSTAL: Crystallographers Researching with Young Scientists, Teaching and Learning.

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