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PDB Data  Overviews.
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PDB Data  Overviews.

The RCSB PDB maintains several lists that display PDB data in interesting and useful ways. Highlights include:

This page lists clusters of proteins (with greater than 95% sequence similarity) containing at least one structure solved by one method (e.g. X-ray) and one by a different method (e.g. NMR).

View histograms of the PDB archive based on characteristics like space group, journal, Enzyme Classification, and more. The growth of the number of PDB entries released per year is organized around experimental method, molecule type, and unique protein classifications. Data can be downloaded as Excel documents.

Subscribe to RSS feeds to access the latest structures (from the RCSB PDB) and Molecule of the Month articles (from PDB-101) as soon as they become available.

Links to summary files available from the PDB FTP, including a file with all PDB sequences in FASTA format; one with all PDB IDs, molecule type, and experimental method; and one with all PDB IDs and authors.

A FASTA formatted file generated using DSSP displays sequences and secondary structure for all entries. A separate file includes notation of regions which have not been experimentally observed in addition to the secondary structure.

The top right of every RCSB PDB page header links to the full archive (select the number of total structures) and to the entries in the most recent update (select the date listed).

Author Profiles vertically display structures associated with a particular researcher. Profiles are also available for Structural Genomics centers.

Articles are indexed by title, date, and category, and accessible from an alphabetical pull-down menu.

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