Meet RCSB PDB at Biophysical Society's Annual Meeting


Meet RCSB PDB at the Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

On Monday, February 19, several interesting posters by the RCSB PDB and others will be on display. Stop by and say hello!

  • L3559-Pos Board LB5: RCSB PDB: Sustaining a living digital data resource that enables breakthroughs in scientific research and biomedical education
  • 1698-Pos Board B607: Interactive Exploration of Non-Covalent Interactions with the NGL Viewer (abstract)
  • 1694-Pos Board B603: Molql: Towards a Common General Purpose Molecular Query Language (abstract)
  • 1693-Pos Board B602: A Data Dictionary and Prototype Deposition System for Archiving Integrative/Hybrid Models (abstract)
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