New Coloring Page: Clathrin-coated Pit

11/04 PDB101 News

The Biologist magazine hosts the Big Biochemical Colouring-in Series to invite readers to get artistic while learning about some of the life sciences’ most important and interesting macromolecules.

The latest feature on Clathrin-coated pit has been published and made available at PDB-101.

Clathrin assembles into geodesic structures that drive the formation of vesicles from cellular membranes. In this image clathrin is forming a coated pit that is importing low-density lipoproteins (LDL) from blood plasma. The LDL particles are bound to long receptor molecules on the cell surface, which then associate with adaptor proteins and clathrin on the inner side of the membrane. In the blood plasma (left), look for Y-shaped antibodies, many serum albumin molecules and a tiny insulin molecule. Inside the cell (right), look for three-armed clathrin triskelions, two actin filaments and many soluble enzymes.

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