Improved Depositor Experience Using ORCiD

12/18 wwPDB News

<I>ORCiD login button at in OneDep circled in red</I>ORCiD login button at in OneDep circled in red

Since March 2023, depositors can use their ORCiDs to access the OneDep system. This authentication method enables contact authors to access sessions without sharing passwords. Using ORCiD with OneDep returns a summary table of all entries in which the ORCiD has been provided for the contact author.

wwPDB has improved the summary table with:

  • Two new columns display the experimental method and the hold expiration date
  • EMDB and BMRB accession codes for EM and NMR displayed alongside the entry ID
  • All columns now sortable

While using a deposition ID and password to login into OneDep is still possible, we encourage depositors to use ORCiD for an improved user experience.

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