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Enriched PDB Structure Entry Files Conforming to OneDep Data Standards Are Now Available for Testing

05/02 wwPDB News

On July 12, 2017, the wwPDB partners plan to update the PDB FTP archive with PDB structure entry files conforming to V5.0 of the PDBx/mmCIF dictionary, which already supports the global wwPDB system for Deposition, Biocuration, and Validation of PDB data - OneDep.

In preparation for this update, to allow the community ample time to test the planned update and to provide feedback, the wwPDB is now delivering PDBx/mmCIF and XML structure entry files for all entries in the PDB archive conforming to the new data standards via a new FTP repository ( This collection of test files will be updated in concert with regular weekly updates of the PDB archive.

Complete lists of changes can be found at the wwPDB website (

The wwPDB strongly encourages the community to review and test the updated files.

Users should report V5.0 data issues to

We will attempt to address the reported issues incrementally as User feedback is received in advance of the rollout on July 12, 2017.

Other derived data and experimental data files of ftp-beta tree will be delivered incrementally to the ftp-beta tree between May 3 and July 12, 2017.

The test FTP area ( containing previously updated 3DEM model files (previously made available in December 2016) is to be retired effective May 3 2017.